InterMed company works efficiently on the medical market of Ukraine and Eastern Europe,offering the equipment of the leading world manufacturers. Being one of the key suppliers of high end medical equipment we are proud of making our contribution for the development of medicine in our country and abroad.

InterMed company has made a great contribution for the development of different medical areas, such as ultrasound diagnostics,urology,gynecology, intensive care,anesthesiology,orthopedics and traumatic surgery,cardiology and laboratory.

We are engaged in development of end-to-end solutions on delivering of medical facilities with medical and laboratory equipment,reagents, disposables for urological,gynecological and surgical departments,resuscitation and anaesthesiological units,veterinary laboratories and laboratories of the veterinary and sanitary services, manufacturing facilities,farms, reproduction centers and many others.

InterMed is a regular participant of different international exhibitions like ,"Public Health","Ukraine Medica", Meditsinskij forum","Laboratory Expo","Agro" and others,where we represent the newest developments and solutions in the medical sphere.

The main office of InterMed is located in Kiev-the capital of Ukraine,but we have developed a network of regional representative offices in Ukraine and nearby countries. Call us, fax or send an e-mail and we will answer you accordingly.Our professional sales stuff and strong service team will meet the most exigent expectations.

The companys warehouse area is more than 800 m2 .We deliver around 85% of the equipment from the stock.Exellent logistics allows to supply equipment to end-users locations in Ukraine and the nearby countries in the shortest possible time.